It is critical to select the best entry door for your home. A front door expresses the aesthetic values of your home, but it must also be safe, sturdy, and functional. It should keep out both weather and intruders, and it should not take up a lot of your time to maintain. That is why choosing the right material for your front door is critical.

Exterior steel doors and iron entry doors are two popular materials, along with aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages for a residential front door. While they all have advantages, steel front doors with glass are the best overall choice for your home in terms of value and presentation. Some people like iron entry doors for a variety of reasons. Here, we compare the benefits and drawbacks of steel and iron entry doors to help you decide which is best for your home.

Custom Steel Entry Doors

Sealant provides an infinite number of custom steel entry design options. We understand how important it is for homeowners to select a door frame that distinguishes their home in the neighborhood. We are experts in the energy efficiency of custom steel doors, which can be specially ordered to meet specific size or aesthetic requirements.

Entry steel doors are also very versatile and can be customized to meet your specific needs. When you choose a custom exterior steel door, you can have a nonstandard or oversized door frame, for example. Perhaps you have a creative vision that includes special glass cutouts.

Glass experts who have spent their careers designing and assembling glass in steel entry doors create our custom steel doors. Their craftsmanship is unparalleled.

Benefits of Steel Entry Doors

There are numerous benefits to using an exterior steel door. Steel front doors are extremely durable due to the strength of the material. A steel and glass door looks sleek while also being sturdy and long-lasting.

Entry steel doors also require little maintenance, which is ideal because no one wants to have to replace their front door every few years! Aside from twice-yearly basic maintenance, choosing a steel and glass door reduces upkeep. Steel is corrosion-resistant, so it only requires a coat of paint to keep it safe from the elements. Steel exterior doors provide significant long-term value.

Another advantage to steel front doors is their energy efficiency. A thermal break, a foam core inside the steel, reduces heat conductivity and keeps temperatures inside the home stable. This can help you save money by lowering your energy costs.

Residential steel front doors are also available in custom shapes to suit your style preferences. They are also difficult to penetrate, making them effective at deterring intruders.

Drawbacks of Steel Entry Doors

While exterior steel doors are an excellent choice in general, they can be vulnerable to extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or salt air. They are inexpensive and long-lasting, but heavy use can wear them down. Steel front doors are difficult to stain and must be painted, which can result in chipping.

Dent damage, for example, can be difficult to repair. Furthermore, if residential steel doors and frames are scratched, they may rust.

Iron Entry Doors

Iron entry doors are also popular among homeowners because they are both secure and decorative. The unique cutouts elevate the look of your entryway. You do not have to choose between security and style when you have wrought iron doors.

Benefits of Iron Entry Doors

The security of iron entry doors is well known. Because iron is resistant to heating and bending, intruders will find it difficult to gain access to your home. Installing iron doors is one of the most effective ways to deter burglars, who frequently choose their targets based on ease of entry. Entry iron doors are also resistant to rust and can withstand years of harsh weather conditions. They also provide good insulation if equipped with thermal break technology.

Another reason people prefer iron doors is their eye-catching appearance. They add curb appeal because they are often designed with cutouts, allowing light into your home while also providing a view of what is going on outside.

Drawbacks of Iron Entry Doors

Iron entry doors are more expensive than doors made of less expensive materials. One disadvantage of their long-lasting properties is their high cost. However, because they are low maintenance, many homeowners see them as a long-term cost-saving option.

Because entry iron doors are heavy, they are difficult to move, maneuver, and install. Some iron entry doors can weigh up to 1,000 pounds depending on size! Some companies even require customers to unload the pallet themselves from the delivery truck, which is difficult for most people.

Final Words

While both exterior steel doors and iron doors have advantages and disadvantages, steel exterior doors are the better option. Steel doors are typically less expensive than wrought iron doors and far more durable. Steel and glass not only look sleek and sophisticated, but they also resist corrosion and require little maintenance.

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