Although they may seem like a small investment, door knobs are really important in daily life. Along with protecting your privacy, they help make your house secure when shut and can even improve the look of a room while still serving its intended purpose.

Various Door Knob Types

What you need the door knob for is the major decision you must make when selecting one. Door knobs come in a wide variety of styles, but how can you determine which is the best?

Let’s begin with the two major groups of knobs. Door knobs for interior and exterior doors come first. The former will be used within your home, whereas the latter is designed for use outside.

Internal Door Handles

Interior door knobs are intended for usage inside the home, as the name implies. They will therefore be available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. There are a few inside handle subcategories, though, which we shall include below.

Passage Knobs

Any room that doesn’t need to be locked because it doesn’t need privacy can be used with a passage knob. As a result, door knob locks are often not included with passage knobs.

Privacy knobs

A privacy knob is specifically designed for doors that, as the name implies, call for privacy. These knobs are typically used on bathroom or bedroom doors to prevent guests from inadvertently entering at the incorrect time.

Most frequently, they have a lock on the knob itself, negating the need for a key; nonetheless, it is important to note that this sort of lock is insufficiently secure to be utilised as an outside lock.

Faux knobs

These are only cosmetic or serve the basic role of being a handle; they are also referred to as dummy knobs. These knobs, for instance, are frequently found on cabinets whose doors don’t need to be locked but nevertheless serve the purpose of opening the doors.

Exterior doorknobs

These knobs serve a more important role than their counterparts in their function, as was already mentioned. Exterior knobs can safely secure your property from attackers by locking it with a key. Additionally, these locks will be constructed of a stronger, more resilient material to withstand the elements.

Nevertheless, we can still divide this group into two subcategories. we’ll cover next.

Keyed Entry Knobs

This door knob style, which is most likely the most prevalent, needs a key to open, limiting access to those who have a copy of the corresponding key.

Some outside knobs include latch-style locks on the interior and can be locked from both the inside and the outside with a key, although most only need a key to open from the outside.

Keyless Entry

These keyless door knobs, which are still relatively new as a trend in home decor, let you in simply enter the right combination code on the dial pad.

This is especially useful if you want to grant access to multiple people but don’t want the key to go lost. If you have this on your garden gate, you may also give your gardener the code so they can gain access to the area and perform their duties while you are at work. 

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